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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Decorated Birdcage

Hi everyone
Weather is a bit disappointing - very fine drizzle earlier ! Lets hope the sunshine comes back. Have been out on my run this morning - very early to try and beat the heat. Nice problem to have.

Yesterday's jobs were quite a challenge. I did move things to try and organised the cutting wall storage but there is still too much stuff without turning out the cupboard ! This must be imminent !!!! I need a couple of days where I can spend most of the day working on the job. Most days Im juggling family stuff or volunteer work. I don't feel like Ive moved 'on and up' today. I feel Ive taken a step back. Anyway, it's OK for now, it's just a 'blip' and Ive been here before.

I prepped the art card (birthday card to be) and finished a little gift box (a request for a charity sale). I will do a bit more of the card tomorrow although its a full on volunteer day so little spare time.

Wednesdays are 'doll days' so I thought I would introduce this 'working progress' painting (last photo). The reason this doll came into my head was a prompt while researching ideas for rooms and colour schemes. I keep coming across decorated bird cages and this is the missing bit of this painting ie a birdcage - open with a bird. Here are some of the pictures

Much more work required on the doll too but the key is the birdcage. I had intended to make a 3d version of a birdcage and attach somehow ? Not sure now.

The ORDER Project has made me sort though all my unfinished work - there is quite a list !

However, there we are.

Bye for today.