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Friday, 5 July 2013

Paper Poodles - white or pink ?

Hi everyone
It's a lovely morning today - slightly 'breezy' but blue sky's. The forecasters are telling us that we are in for a great weekend of sun and high temperatures ! Wow ! Lets hope it turns out to be so.

It's Friday again ..... and die cuts. This week Im sharing some die cut finds from The ORDER Project. Ive been heavily into organising my stuff and working systems for quite a few weeks now and Im uncovering things I had forgotten I had. My first offer is a pretty card I made for a friend who bought me some lovely beads from the USA (unexpected but so nice). I made a few of these at the same time.

I used an image from Pink Petticoat and scraps of card and die cuts. Im going to put this together as a tutorial for next Friday, so will get into the detail then. This is a very quick card to make and worth having a few on hand for unexpected occasions.

My next offer of die cut stuff is this box of things made with Sizzix and Quickcutz dies. I made most of these things as sample items when I worked for Sizzix a few years ago. The point of the samples were to illustrate how specific dies could be used but they show quite a good range of applications. I'd forgotten I had them. I delivered a few workshops using some of the dies and the most popular was always the calendar card item (shown here). I will do a tutorial on this too (in two weeks).

Im still into The ORDER - and at the point of identifying a need for some new boxes to help store the stuff. Im really hopeful with another week and I should be there. However, still not into the cupboard ! (fills me with 'dread' - I need to work on my mental approach to that one !). I need to admit I was diverted a little yesterday by making my quilled poodle. The idea was to do a ting bit of quilling but I got carried away and The ORDER suffered ! Ive got loads on today but will try hard not to quill until later this evening. The poodle is a first go at 3D quilling. Im doing OK but don't have much in the way of pre cut quilling strips. I tend to cut my own - so I can have control over the type of papers I use. Anyway, the poodle is a bit of a 'mis match' of pink shades. I want to get some fine handmade paper for a second improved poodle in just the right colours. I just wanted to find out how to make it (well). The poodle is made from several bits of quilling and Ive done most of the bits. Here they are ..... waiting to be stuck together.

Everything worked quite well but Ive written some notes (prompts for myself) about how I would change things for my 'proper' poodle. Here is the book version for reference. Love the little bowl too.

Im not sure about colours ?- white appeals with coloured frilly bits ? will ponder that today.

Have a great weekend.

Bye for now.