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Monday, 8 July 2013

What colour will I choose ?

Hi everyone
Weather has been fantastic - love the sunshine, the world is so much nicer when the suns shines. However, here on the coast we have a few hours of cloudy mist to 'burn off' !

We had a lovely weekend. On Saturday, we went to a local village fair (my elder boy was playing in a steel pans band) with tea on the green, cricket going on in the background (very little England). It was idyllic ! I picked up a few books from the secondhand book stall as well as some pretty beads from a jewellery table. On Sunday, a run early followed by a long breakfast on the deck and the Wimbledon mens tennis final later - well done Andy Murray (fantastic match). What will I do without Wimbledon to help me through the week ?

This week, Im hoping to COMPLETE The Order Project. I can 'feel' its getting quite near to the end. I picked up some new storage boxes on Sat and feel the whole thing is actually coming together. My inspiration for the week is going to be ORGANISATION (including systems as well as the physical things). All my efforts have been organising around the working methods. I want the storage to help me work. I need every box to 'earn' its space and each item needs to be organised to help the 'fluency' of my work. Ive reorganised a few spaces and need some serious woodwork job to make a particular shelving system work for me. Ive visualised how I want it to look and am much too 'excited' about this unit ! I must get out more !!!! The redesigned storage will hold all the die cut stuff as well as other cutting or punching tools. It's been decided to loose the cupboard door. There will be a cover (perhaps blind or panel ?) to make the space tidy - I'd like to try and make something from a painting or creation of some kind. The internal design of the storage cupboard is yet to be finalised - I will work on this over the week - I feel the design will be revealed to me as I go through the week. I have a really busy week this week with lots of school end of term events so I will need to snatch a few hours when I can.

Beyond the organisation of the key space ie the studio (previously known as the office) Im now looking to colours and textures to make my space inspiring too. Im not sure about colours. The studio is in a 'cold' part of the house - it's North facing and doesn't get too much direct sun. As the 'office' it was a series of browns and white with a complete mismatch of mess thrown in - Im not sure we can talk about a colour scheme ? I definitely need something warm and interesting for the studio. I need to do some research. I like the idea of a mood board or two and will carefully choose what I do. I spent a little time on Friday developing an art card for one my boys in the studio and it felt good, so when it's done - I know it will be fantastic. Everything was where I knew it would be and the general ambience of organised space helped my creative thinking.
Ive done a little research on a 'look' I want to create and have added a few items to a new Pinterest board - take a look. Ive included this photo as a possible suggestion of colours.

I also love the little image at the to of the photo with the shabby look. Will do some more research before finally deciding.

Will get to it and take some more photos today re the current state of the studio.

Boys for today.