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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Another little book !

Hi everyone
Weather feels great ...... again !!!

Today, I,m focusing (mainly )on The Order Project but will keep going with the next day of experimenting with sponge beads. My idea yesterday was to adapt the beads in some way.I've experimented with three different techniques (so far). Painting, cutting and melting. Ive had varied success with the beads. I think the cutting has been most successful, but all techniques have been a bit disappointing. I had high hopes for the melting approach but heating the beads with a heat gun had very little impact. The texture on the outer surface of the heated bead changed to a harder 'crust' which was good, it looks shiny and is an improvement (I think). To be realistic, It's not significant. The only positive is that the edges of the shape are 'clean' which I think is better.

The painted version is not brilliant either - I used a gold acrylic paint with two layers and again I thought it would cover easily (not to be) - maybe another paint would be better or gesso ? Will keep,going with trying another paint. I think if the bead was heated first and then painted, I would get a better result.

The third approach is cutting. I think this technique is the most effective technique (as a single treatment) - cutting certainly allows the larger square bead to change its distinctive appearance. I think this allows the bead to be made into a piece of jewellery more effectively.

Generally, I think 'simple' jewellery is often more effective as a general design. Some pieces are great as a statement item but as a general everyday necklace, bracelet or ring I tend to go for a simple design to compliment an outfit.

I will keep going today with a few more ideas re sponge beads. Im putting today a mini book for recording my experiments - a little bit like the micro technique book. I will use the book as an ongoing reference book. Im developing a handmade book with pretty pages and a pretty cover - I will start with five pages (from the 5 days this week) and another 10 pages for further experiments. This is a first draft cover for my book.

Well, must get on today.

Bye for now.