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Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi everyone
The weather today has turned from lovely clear blue sky's with a warm breeze to a cloudy and dull canopy ! There does seem to be more blue sky in the distance ..... maybe good things will return.

Im feeling upbeat this morning about my running. Ive struggled all year with recovering from glandular fever and several bouts of shingles. I decided a few months ago to keep going with my running programme (5k training - 3 times a week) in an attempt to get strong and be able to keep shingles from attacking me. In the past, Ive stopped training until I recovered or thought I'd recovered. Running time is a great time for me - just 35 mins or so, early in the morning - often the sun is out and there's a lovely atmosphere around the woods/river. Today, in addition to that, I reached the point where I felt great when my earphones told me to 'slow down and walk for a 5 min cool down'. Im usually desperate for the message to come but today, it came out of the blue - before I expected it !! Wow, Im really getting there. Keep the faith !!!

Back to the day job - The ORDER is also 'getting there'. Will just keep going again today. Im keeping my little 'feelings notes' too. These will record the process via my mental reaction to it. I think it's going to be an interesting review at the end.

Im also very excited to take delivery of the quilling books (2 books ordered a few days ago). The 3D quilling of the poodle is fantastic (see 2 July post). Even though I am concentrating my efforts on The ORDER, I will do a practice bit of a poodle - just can't wait. The other quilling book has examples of the little vegetable quilled bits I talked about a few days ago ie the ones Ive been looking for for ages.

I will get onto these in the next few days and make some new ones.

I also came across a 'face' which I had lost in my studio. Ive had an idea of what to do with it and its logged as another painting 'in waiting' project.

My idea is to take 5 versions with individual backgrounds and hair do's (backgrounds of building, I think ? - this may change). Anyway, the face will stay the same but different ! - I like the title : 'the same but different'. I want to play with the eye colour and try different types of make-up too.

That's it for the moment, I need to get on.

Bye for today.