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Monday, 15 July 2013

What would you do with them ?

Hi everyone
Another fabulous morning - the weather has been brilliant for about a week. Some minor ups and downs re temperature but the last two days has been positively tropical. Love it !

This weekend was mainly family stuff - a local village fair on Saturday and an award ceremony for one of the kids on Sunday (Josh was presented with his Gold Chief Scout Award) at a very swish event in Newcastle. So, not very much else happened- some (short term) sitting around in the garden and BBQ eating .... and it's over and we are into another week. This is our last week at work before the school Summer hols. Im fighting to get some order in the house. We are currently living in a big 'mess' - lots of stuff just dumped and waiting for me to tidy or clean. Im very 'down' about this and am struggling to start putting things in order. Talking of which ..... The Order Project has a failed deadline ! Last week was the 'cupboard week' - the last bit in the project ! It didn't happen, so on we go. Hopefully, this week ?

My inspiration for this week (while tidying and sorting) will be something that's been on my mind for years. What to do with these things.

On Saturday, I did a Make and Take activity for little girls (and the odd 'other') making bracelets @ the village fair. It went down well but there are loads more left over. The bags of foam beads have been making an appearance at many school fairs and other such events over the years AND have almost been thrown out (several times). Something stops me throwing them, so I thought I would try and come up with a new use for them every day this week - hence, my INSPIRATION for the week ! Im going with a bracelet for today. I will make a new one and share the photo tomorrow - obvious I know but with a little imagination and mixing with other beads they can look OK - even for an adult. They make fun,bright stuff for a beach type occasion. I will announce the inspiration item each day and post a photo the next. Hope I can be inspired ! Any ideas of your own - please send ideas and/or photos.

The Order Projects needs to be revitalised too (in my head)and I need a new enthusiasm. As the weather is so good, it's difficult to hide away in a North facing room way in the corner of the house. Such as life !!!! Must get on.

That's all for today.

Bye for now.