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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Day 2 of Christmas prep.@ thepapersac

Hi from thepapersac
It's a very dull and damp day today - no sunshine at all. It's quite early but feels like the middle of the night, so dark !

However, Christmas prep here to brighten up the day. It's 'day 2' and I'm adding the LISTS for yesterday's 'wish list/ to do list BOARD' (see yesterday for details). Ive added a wish list for each member of our immediate family (just the four of us) and some blanks for me to use as menu, extra present shopping etc. I have kept a copy from last year and note I used 5 extra individual lists. I find having a list for each category of Christmas prep a way of keeping me in control of the job (sort of !). I do like Christmas but I'm usually stressed out and take on board far too much - new ideas (decorating and wrapping etc) present themselves and I think I can do them all. The lists organisation help me to keep focused. I have 8 spares to fill in - probably dangerous, perhaps I should keep to the 5 (as I did last year ?).

Ive tried to keep the prep board and list design simple and intend to follow the colour scheme and shapes the same throughout my preparations for Christmas.

Here is a photo of the board and lists in place :

The lists have not been filled in yet ! The boys are 'thinking about things' today, so I expect there will be full lists before the end of the day. I will begin filling up my job lists later today too.
If you are interested in how I developed the lists here are a few photos and notes.

I started with a page of names and 'christmas words'. I cut up a single A4 thick paper sheet in white and made a hole in the top - to form the basic list. I added different size/coloured snowflakes in a random design over the named lists. I used the same type of snowflakes used for the actual board.

I cut up the words from my printout. I could have printed the words on the actual list but decided I wanted a handmade 'feel' to the lists. I like the little stuck on labels. The lists do feel more special and personal.

Here is a pile of lists from last year - not very pretty. This is why Ive developed my to do jobs sheets in the same style as the wish lists. Somehow using pretty lists makes the job more enjoyable and get me in the Christmas mood.

Finally, I added a few little bits of bling with adhesive tiny 'stones' onto some of the snowflakes.

My preparations board is central to my plans and keeps me on track with dates etc. It's also a way of getting the whole family involved in Christmas plans. We have the board very near our dining table and it's part of the conversation each evening at Dinner.
Hope you liked today's preparation idea. More tomorrow.

Bye for today.