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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Earrings Talk

Hi from thepapersac
It's a bit damp this morning but bright ! - great light for taking photos.

I'm working away, everyday on the jewellery collection. I have some stuff almost ready and some stuff that I'm considering to be 'prototype'. The more experience I get, I realise how much I don't know and how much more practice I need ! Although, this seems obvious, I was reminded of this several times yesterday. It's become very clear that Ive learned so much in about a month - it's quite scary and exciting. I've been dabbling with polymer clay for about ten years. Just messing around with short and vague projects. Mostly, my results have been (at best) disappointing. I'd almost decided to give up with polymer clay completely. However, now - I feel I'm getting there. Ive been amazed at the versatility of polymer clay and I'm beginning to find my own ways of working with the clay. Now, I need to refine the items I'm making to produce a professional range of jewellery. I'm interested in producing unique stuff. I see many examples of polymer clay that leave me 'cold' but I'm also finding examples of great stuff out there. I'm very drawn to experimenting with polymer clay to 'imitate' metals. Not sure why I find this interesting but I do like the idea of metal smithing and although I've no experience, it's the the end 'look' that I like. I think there are possibilities. I like to produce a handcrafted look but with texture and 'finesse'.

Now back to reality - Ive been working on a piece by Genevieve Williamson from a project from Polymer Clay Global Perspectives by Cynthia Tinapple. Here is Genervieve's project sample, my earrings are the second photo. Ive used different coloured clay and paint. My earrings are also slightly smaller. I'm quite pleased with them and more importantly, although they are not perfect - I know what I need to do with them.

Other news - Ive decided on the detail of my 12 days of Christmas prep. for 2013. I have my 12 projects and they will all be critical for my own 'Christmas house'. I usually use some stuff from each years prep (for my own home) but Ive mostly created stuff to sell. This year I'm concentrating on my jewellery production and will produce limited Christmas prep stuff for sale. I'm going a bit later for Christmas this year - my start date will be 25th November. I'm starting with a new take on my 'to do list/wish list board'. You will have to wait for the project details !

Another success from yesterday is my mini earrings. These are very small and have worked great. I want to add little posts but these are very nice for everyday wear and I'm going to make some more in different colours.

I did wear another pair of my newly developed earrings yesterday - I have made the ear hooks myself and found (after a few attempts) a good shape for the hooks. I had intended to make the hooks long and straight but they didn't work and eventually I found this way better. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable and well balanced. Here is a photos showing the earrings in action. I need a decent model !

That's about it for today.