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Friday, 8 November 2013

Creative 'block' and all that.

Hi from thepapersac
Another lovely bright morning and much warmer than earlier in the week. I'm hopeful the optimistic weather will help me improve my 'rational creativity' today. Ive come to a bit of an impasse and am feeling frustrated with the Pebbles and Denim jewels. Ive been trying to find something to improve the texture of some beads for a few necklaces and bracelets and although there is lots of available ideas (from other people and things around me).
I spent ages last night looking at many different approaches to producing jewellery from clay and must have seen hundreds of earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets and broaches which did not excite me but some that did. I think I'm suffering from 'overload' ?

I'm trying to find something unique ? I think I'm trying too hard and maybe I need to take a step back and keep things simple. We will see how it goes from here. One thing I do need to do, is make loads more 'smallish' beads. I had thought about mixing some bought seed beads (mainly to save time) but this is a bad idea and not going to 'do'. There is a certain 'feel' from my polymer beads anything else would destroy the whole point.

Moving on (before I start 'over' analysing ) - my plan yesterday was to begin 'the' finishing processes. I have sorted the created beads into earrings and have a whopping 35 pairs !

Some are better than others. They all need some more finishing but I'm getting there and am reasonably happy with the collection of earrings - to date.

I think today, I will choose the top 5 items from the whole range and develop a way forward -I will analyse their (the chosen ones) particular characteristics. I know, I want to keep the mainly blue thing going on. Silver is allowed and some white/cream base colours as well as the shades of distressed beads. That's about it at the moment. I will know what next after my 5 reveal themselves. I still believe I have something worthy here, so I will get there (if it kills me !)

Not sure I have anything else to share. I'm obviously obsessed with this phase of work - no point in thinking too much about anything else at the moment. It's an amazing thing to actually understand this about myself. I do feel (genuinely) like someone looking in at myself and seeing the truth of the situation. Thank goodness it's Friday - philosophising about me and self psychoanalysis is possibly not very interesting to anyone else !! Thanks for reading anyway.

Have a lovely weekend.

Bye for today.