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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Beads of the day !

Hi from thepapersac
It's very,very cold today, everything is covered in a beautiful white dusting of frost which is sparkling in the low sunshine, very pretty. The sky has curious patterns of high cloud.

Yesterday, was quite a successful day according to my work journal list. I managed to finish lots of polishing and earring wires. I'm also up to date with my preparations for tomorrow (12 days of Christmas prep). However, I found myself feeling a little frustrated with some elements of my display boards. I couldn't decide what was needed and think it's to do with the colour. I think I need to get some dark navy 'distressed marks' all over the surface. Will give it a 'go' today.

Ive introduced a new little project to have available alongside whatever job I'm doing. Ive done this sort of thing for as long as I can remember ie. developing a 'distraction' project. Such projects are there for when I feel I'm either not getting anywhere or I'm racing on too quickly. My latest example is making a silver chain for a new bead. This will take LOTS of time - it's very slow work. I will probably regret starting but it's there for a 'purpose' - so we will see ! I can always abandon the chain ! However, I tend not to give up on anything. Here is my progress so far. Only more 21 inches to go ! I will learn lots on the way.

I'm hoping the blue bead will develop too ! I want to use more colours and perhaps some embossing powders etc. This bead started off as an earring but I like the idea of a necklace.

Here is my favourite bead of the day :

These earrings are made from a transparent clay - my photo is not good enough to show the transparent characteristic. Will try again. The bead is etched with random lines and has been painted with acrylic. Ive also sealed and polished it with a matt sheen. I'm going to wear them today.

The next bead is also something I like and has been a bit of a surprise to me. It's a very thin piece with silver embedded into the surface and acrylic paint baked into the clay. Again, it's been sealed and polished. The result is a light sheen rather than a shine. I would like to turn this into a broach for my denim jacket. I need an idea for the pin. These two pieces are prototypes - if they work and can cope with 'wearing' for a week or so, I will make up some more for sale.

That's it for today, must get going.

Bye for now.