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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Experiments !

Hi from thepapersac
The weather today looks like it's about to get 'angry'. We have lots of heavy clouds moving quite quickly. There are small gaps of sunshine behind the clouds but the atmosphere seems 'charged' ! Not sure how this will affect me - I tend to reflect the weather !!!

I'm still getting to grips with my charity sale offer today. I'm out of silver wire and it's seriously holding me up. I have a supplier but am waiting delivery - when I get a better idea of how much I can sell on a regular basis, I will manage this better. Ive managed to underestimate the amount of wire I needed. My usual approach is to re order when Ive sold some stuff. Ive generally been a low output jewellery maker in the past. I'm also adjusting to making my own findings 'from scratch' which has added to the issue. I'm hoping for a delivery today.

Pinterest is a great resource for finding inspiration for new designs. Most days generate a new idea. My latest idea is to design and make a collection of pieces based on a single, very simple bead idea. This is the idea - a silver metal 'almost frame' with a series of very thin polymer 'fillings' - maybe a distressed edge ? I like the challenge of trying to enclose the thin polymer and also the design options of linking these beads.

I have lots of finishing off to do before I can get going with this idea. It's an experiment, so I want to give the project a given time each day. Very exciting for me, love this sort of process. I'm feeling my way into working with metal alongside polymer clay. I would like (one day) to work with more metal skills.

My favourite piece (this minute) from my current collection are these earrings :

I really like the shades of blue and the lines. There is a hint of a metal look with the almost rivet like shape in the circle.

I have competed the wires and am undecided about the shape I need. I think I will go with a very simple long bend. My second favourite are these beads :

I have only four beads and I'm not sure what to do with them. I like the paint effect on the blue beads, the paint has been baked on. I think the white beads need some texture. Ive been considering a necklace on a simple chain. I have some ideas of adding more clay and doing a second bake and making the shapes into one linked piece ? - not sure.

Talking of metal, I saw a great jewellery display item and annoyingly can't find it again ! I will keep looking. However, the specific interest of the item was that it was using something which looked exactly like kids toy meccano pieces (little metal bits with holes in them) - this has given me even more ideas. Ive got this idea written down so I will try something after my last great idea has been tried. One thing I do need to address is 'storage'. As usual, storage combined with work systems is a constant issue for me. At the moment aim using cork boards but am rapidly running out of space. The 'elusive display item' is perhaps an answer ? It's quite an unusual looking item but stylish. If I find it today - I will post it here.

Bingo - have found it :

Go and look at the page on Etsy - some brilliant stuff.

Must get going.

Bye for today.