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Monday, 11 November 2013

'Paper-thin' Beads.

Hi from thepapersac
Today, is very 'damp' and looks like it's not going to change any time soon ! - it feels warmer than of late , so that's a 'positive'.
Moving on from last week - Ive chosen my top 5 items from the current collection. Here they are :

Ive chosen some earrings and some beads. This top 5 is a top poll of 'the house'. I asked everyone present on Saturday and this was how it turned out. Ive decided to go with it and finish these items first and then poll again. I think the order may change and maybe other items may come into the picture. Will come back to this later in the week.
I did manage to do a whole batch of little beads to help with bracelets/necklaces and I have some more clay ordered for even more.

There is another little element going on (part of this jewellery project above) in my head. It's been there from the beginning but Ive been thinking about how I can make it happen for weeks. My idea is to produce a clay version of these lovely silver earrings.

The idea has been a challenge because of the differences in material and the way I'm going to add the posts as well as the fact that the whole thing is very small and very thin. This little conundrum has had many solutions (in my head). All my ideas have a 'flaw' but it's time to try them out.
So, that is also a big challenge for my week. When I can get it to work, I will adapt the idea to some other shapes and maybe a few badge/broach designs. I started making a very thin few items on Friday - just to experiment. I like the result (made with a few scraps of leftover clay). My main idea was to make a thin thing and bake it correctly. I wanted strength in the piece and additions to the surface. I ticked all those boxes and learnt a bit more about polymer clay. Here is the result.

I'm going to 'finish' the shapes and add paint and I think I will add some of the 'cupped' beads from earlier in the week. My 'finishing' skills need some input ! Will do some more research and share what I find.

The beads are very thin and solid but the detail has worked. I know I can develop these ideas.

On the subject of the badge/broach idea, I have been looking for ways of producing my own pins. I have mentioned a number of times, how interested I am in making my own metal findings, so this is an extension of this idea. While researching ideas, I was amazed to find so many Pins (on Pinterest) about this very subject. Having found lots of examples, Ive made my own Board - (go and look there is a button on my page). SO many brilliant ideas. The many individual ideas take the broaches into a different league. I think I need to use the term 'broach' rather than 'badge' ? - not sure, will ponder that one. Somehow, 'a badge' label is something less than 'a broach' or is it ?

The 'papersac preparation' project is also coming up soon. Ive decided to do a new set of 12 designs for 'Christmas things'. There will of course be the traditional range of cards,tags etc but I hope to have a new take. All will be revealed !!! (soon).

That's about it for my week plan ! Optomistic ! - perhaps ?

Bye for today