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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Maybe a touch of red ?

Hi from thepapersac
The weather is lovely this morning - low sunshine and bright blue sky. My kind of Autumn morning.

I seem to be writing the same thing everyday ! more time finishing my clay jewellery stuff. Well, yet again - today is about finishing things and finalising packaging. Yesterday, wasn't too productive - I needed to deliver something in Carlisle (about an hour and a half away) and en route I called into a fantastic shop called RE in a place called Corbridge. It's full of great stuff. This is their website here . While I was in the car, I spent lots of time thinking (following great inspiration from RE) and having more ideas for jewellery. I will need a huge workforce to actually get all my ideas into production. When I get some stuff finally finished, I will feel I can relax a little (mentally, I'm exhausted with ideas) ! I was also slightly exhausted by the journey. My eldest son had thought it 'amusing' to turn my satnav to 'French'. I needed to find a specific address in Carlisle and was relying on a postcode destination. I was aware of the French setting but hadn't quite understood the implications when I found myself lost in the City. My French is average but added to heavy traffic and a tricky one way system ! Safe to say, I found myself challenged. However, I did get there and my French has improved.

Each day (still with clay jewellery)I have a new favourite from my 'top 5 list' ( see 9/11/13 for the list) today it has to be no.2. This is No. 2 with 2 layers of beads.

The next photo shows the 2 separate beads. Today, I'm going to try a new way of attaching the hook to the round, top bead.

I spend lots of little moments, sanding and filing these particular beads (I have a little board with sandpaper and files at hand, near my work table). I think more paint layers are needed too. Im going to design some new shapes to add and with different hooks. I'm undecided about the shape. I hope to design the No. 2 earrings so that they can adapt 'their personality' by adding different layers. Today, I'm going to make some more prototype shapes to add. I will share when I have them.

I love working with 'blue' at the moment, however, I hope to add a few new colours into the mix. So my next development will include some shaped, flat beads to add to earrings giving each pair several different looks. As Christmas is coming, I think red would be a good colour to start with. I'm not sure exactly what will happen yet ? I will just carry on and see what happens ! My only plan is to develop the 'linked' or 'layered' idea with a 'metal' look. I talked about the metal thing yesterday and Ive found some examples of work that has inspired some new ideas and shapes.
A designer called Lisa Flanders is producing some lovely stuff, I especially like this example.

I love the texture and the findings.

I'm beginning to think about ways of producing the findings alongside the actual bead designs. I'm not sure if I can get the clay to bend in the way the metal does but I'm working on a solution. Love the texture of these earrings. Coincidentally, I have a small piece of polycarbonate which I found in my little boys trouser pocket ? - who knows where it came from or even why it was in the pocket ! It's perfect for a surface pattern. Ive been trying to find something I can use it with. Here it is and I now have my application.

I love this sort of thing ie something turning up (from ?) and providing an ideal solution ! Perhaps, I need to get out more ?

Bye for today.