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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Prep.@ thepapersac - Day 1

Hi from thepapersac
It's quite mild today. High clouds in long 'stripes' across the sky and lots of blue. There is a bit of a damp 'feel' but lovely Autumn colours everywhere. Not sure I'm feeling very 'Christmassy' yet !!

However, today is 'Day 1 of our Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac'. Our starting item is a version of a planner/to do board. Ive done this sort of thing every year but this year, Ive chosen a bigger item. Ive chosen to develop a wooden board for the 'planner'. The whole board measures 23cm x 30cm x 0.4cm. The bottom of the board has a little shelf which is 3cm deep. I'm not sure why I like the little shelf or what I could put on it ? I'm working on ideas. Ive used the hole in the board to tie a big ribbon and it's a convenient way of hanging the item to the wall. Here it is, hanging in place.

Ive gone for a white painted board and used red and purple die cut snowflakes in various sizes. The snowflakes are simply stuck onto the wood. I tried to get some purple ribbon but could not find the specific shade so went for red. I'm happy I have the red colour, it matches some of the other items (co incidentally) in my '12 days' project. The ribbon is simply tied in a big bow through the hole in the back of the board. I have attached little hooks into the board ready to take a series of lists.
My aim is to hold all my Christmas planning ideas and tasks on this board as well as providing a place for all of us to place a Christmas Wish List and make it available to everyone. The kids are very excited about this and will have their lists ready for use this evening. I'm sure there will be things on their lists before the end of the day.

If you are interested in making the board. It's very simply and you can work it out just by looking. Here is how I did it.
My board started life like this one. You could use any piece of wood, the shelf is not crucial but I like the look of it.

My husband made a series of these boards which I used as shelf drawers for holding printing stamps. So this is very much a re cycle job. They had been waiting for a while in the garage.
I painted the board in white and found some card in purple and red. The die cuts I used are these :
Fiskars small punch snowflake
ProvoCraft large die snowflake
Sizzix Tim Holtz Snow Flurries
Quickcutz snowflake - QRS0214

Simply stick the shapes as you wish across the board - bear in mind that most of the time the shapes are covered up with lists, however, it's great to get a glimpse of these shapes as the lists move and are used.
I added 3 small brass hooks to the board (to hang my lists).

Finally, a wire edged ribbon was added through the hole.

I will add a few more things to the board as we progress through the 12 days. The whole thing lends itself to being developed !
Hope you like 'day 1' and are prompted to get going with your own preparations.

Bye for today.