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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

'Layering' (colours and textures)

Hi from thepapersac
Lots warmer this morning - great for me. As I look out from my window, it's very dull but dry. I guess it's an improvement on yesterday - that makes me more 'inspired' for the day (I'm still suffering with my minor illness ! ...... and feeling a little sorry for myself).

I didn't manage much work yesterday, I did conduct some research on my jewellery collection specifically to do with colours. Ive decided on a brighter collection of colours (than I had thought) and am inspired by a few pages in a recent TOAST magazine. All TOAST magazines are beautiful and I love to keep them close for inspiration. I have some of their clothes and jewellery and love the general 'feel'. Fortunately, they arrive via the postman on a regular basis. This is the particular scene I like :

I like the range of colours and may use them in different ways rather than all together. I am keen to adopt an idea from Genervieve Williamsons recent challenge to develop some interchangeable earrings. Look HERE for the idea.

From another angle, I thought I would share my Zentangle bookmark (made during my recent little holiday). The 'tile' as it's known didn't set out to be a bookmark but as I developed the design, I thought it would make a good bookmark and more importantly, I needed one at the time.

I like these organic shapes and am keen to use them as inspiration for some clay beads in combination with the colour inspiration from the TOAST magazine. I have good vibes about the direction of these ideas and I hope to begin creating my own 'signature' range of beads. I am so drawn to Genervieve Williamson's style of work that I have a need to begin to move into my own style. The problem I have is that, until recently, I have been rather disappointed with the clay jewellery I have made. Since discovering Genervieve's work my ideas and inspiration (for developing clay designs) has found new 'highs'. I like her organic shapes and the layering of textures she uses. I want to experiment with such things.

Bye for today.