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Monday, 18 November 2013

Could 'the solution' be a magnet ?

Hi from thepapersac
It's a rather damp morning today. Looks like it will stay this way all day ! I hope I'm wrong.

I'm also suffering with a partly broken tooth ! It's not unbearable but I'm off to the dentist and feeling relieved that it will be repaired (I hope). I'm at the point where the tooth is affecting my eating. I'm not sure how my day will develop ?

I have a few jobs to complete in my work list and I need to move them on (first) ....... but I am distracted with new ideas about jewellery collections 'to be'. My head is buzzing with things I want to try.
Yesterday, we had a lovely walk with friends which took in a section along the beach. We stopped for a pack lunch on the beach, sitting on large rocks and watching a beautiful low sun in the distance. Some magical views and some fantastic pebbles to prompt new patterned beads in my head. The merging colours were just perfect. I should have taken lots of photos but sadly did not have my camera or phone !!! I need to go back - soon.
I'm thinking about my 'metal' look work (mentioned a few times last week) and feel I have lots of options re designs.

This is the start of my 'blue metal' stuff. I want to develop some more of these shapes and try and get a more 'solid' feel to the pieces along with a gloss paint element and maybe incorporate some silver. I like the pieces the way they are and will keep a few just like these. The 'rough' look with finger marks (I think), add to the jewellery. However, Ive been wondering about the broach piece. It's a good piece to work on. I like broaches and love the design options they present but ... for me, many of my clothes do not lend themselves to pinning a broach. I do have a few denim jackets which are perfect for this particular item - perhaps, in a different colour ? Ive tried a few times to wear broaches and often find myself taking them off my clothing because they could cause damage or are too heavy for the fabric and/or style. With this in mind, I think I will try and create a necklace approach instead. Perhaps, my way forward is to focus on making the broach style piece and using a fine or subtle chain or other stringing material to wear around the neck. It's a great problem to solve (constantly in my head) for me at the moment.
Getting back to the metal thing. I have some experimental plans to try and imitate (with polymer clay) the structure that metal can give to jewellery. I will share how I get on with this in good time. I must limit myself or I can feel this idea taking up all my time.
Last week, I was aiming to create stuff for my fast approaching charity sale (1/12/13)........

Ive just come back from the dentist - so have had a break of a few hours. My mouth is very numb but all will be well (soon). While at the dentist, I noticed the reception girls all had name broaches which were all lying flat against very thin fabric. After much discussion and demonstration, it turns out the broaches were held in place with a magnet. I think, I will give this a go ! The magnet idea could be my solution.

Back to my sale - I have a few sample packaging styles and some little gift packets designed. I have also changed my display for earrings - more work needed on the display but I like the style. Everything is under construction which is OK for today. Here is a quick look.
I have a different style depending on the size and style of the earring. Very simple but does the job. I like the collections to show their link to the names I give them.

I'd like the display to stand or hang - a little extra work to be done re hanging options etc.

I think I need to get on and work.

The weather is considerably brighter now, so I was happily 'wrong' this morning.

Bye for today.