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Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 3 of Christmas Prep. @ thepapersac

Hi from thepapersac
Another damp day today. The sky has lots of blue in it but there is a cold wind too. However, the sun is shining very brightly, quite inspiring at the moment.

It's day 3 of my Christmas Prep - ( can't believe its Friday already ! )
Day 3 is a CARD.

This is a little Christmas card design (9cmx10cm) - I designed the general idea of the card a while ago and have used it many times. It's a very simple card design which lends itself to many occasions. This one is specifically customised for one of my close friends. I don't handmade cards for everyone (I will buy some) but for those I do, I tend to customise them in some way. If you are interested in making this card, here are some photos which will guide you through the process. Ive included some little tips for a professional finish.
I started off with a printed sheet of A4 card and printed 2 versions of what you see. The spacing of the image needs to be exact but once you have set this up on a computer - any image can be used. I have this set up in a Photoshop page on my PC. To set up simply choose a print area which will allow the paper to be divided into 3 sections. The print area on my equipment has a margin so I take this into account. The three sections in my example are two printed images and the equal area in between.

Next thing is to make some fold lines using the images as a guide and some form of folding tools. If you have a board and bone folder that's ideal, if not, you can use an old plastic pen (without the ink bit) and a ruler on a spongy surface. The ideal surface is a self healing cutting mat. You could use anything with a little 'give' in it or a 'spongy' texture , Ive previously used a thick magazine for this job. The idea is to get a scored line which allows the card to bend or fold with a 'clean' fold.
Here is my folding board and bone folder. I use this in all my card making so well worth the investment.

Follow the lines of you image and fold as in the photos.

When you have your folded card - cut the right side in line with the image. I like to use a craft knife and steel ruler. A pair of scissors does not give a clean cut with this kind of task.

Next, take the card and glue the middle section to the front. I like to use glue sparingly - go right up to the edges (but not beyond) and make sure you cover the whole card.

When the two sections are stuck, you will end up with a strip of single thickness on the left of the front. You could cut this off but I like to use this to customise my cards. In this example Ive added the family name of my friends. You could decorate this strip in anyway - both front and back of the card.

I made the family name using an alphabet Sizzix die set.

I also added a simple bow from embroidery thread and a die cut snowflake.

The back of the card has a single tree - one of the trees from the image on the front. My tree is a very simple design and I decided to draw it directly onto the card back and then added a green snowflake. I also added three little snowflakes on the reverse of the name strip.

The inside of the card has a pretty image on display (when the card is standing) and my idea is to write my greeting on the left. This 'left area' is a double layer because of the fold and stops any pen marks showing on the front.

Here is the finished card (plus it's coordinating envelop). Tomorrow's prep. will deal with the envelope.

Hope you are inspired to make some cards of your own. As I mentioned earlier, I make a few special cards for close friends and immediate family. I really enjoy adding personal touches to these cards. I have made all my Christmas cards in the past but I simply don't have the time these days.

Bye for today. Back tomorrow with Day 4 (I know it's a weekend but I'm making an exemption this week !).