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Monday, 25 November 2013

Moving in to ' the grey' (almost) !

Hi from thepapersac
A lovely very cold day today - the sun is bright and not a cloud in the sky. I love the view from my work desk this morning. It's inspiring and I have positive vibes (I also have a cold virus developing but am determined to rid it from my thoughts today). This is the power of the weather (for me).

We had a very lazy weekend. Lots of ideas and almost plans of house improvements ..... but we mostly read about things and sat around the table chatting. I consider it to have been a most successful weekend and the house will need to wait. Weekends need to be about relaxing and family (for us). Some exciting news, on a visit to B&Q for light bulbs, I acquired a Dremel 3000 multi tool ! It's a toy really but I will have fun with it. First, I need to buy loads MORE equipment to ease the Dremel into my 'work environment'. I will get some pictures when I have another person at hand to take them. When I get to grips with it, I know it's going to be a brilliant tool for extending what I do. On the same shopping trip I also saw a small soldering tool (could be a good Christmas present ? ) which would allow me to indulge my obsession with metalworking. My mind is buzzing with ideas. However, back to now and more 'finishing off' clay jewellery for me today. My charity sale will take place on Sat and I hope to get everything sorted and packed today.

Last week, I made some more beads and have finally managed to make something which is not entirely blue. Ive moved into grey - not that far from blue but I do intend to get a bit of red into things. For now, here is some of the grey stuff.

I like the long thin earring beads and will work on some 'metal look' paint for these. The other bead will be a necklace with a similar paint technique. I will add a silver chain.

These stripe texture beads are similar to the layered ones from my previous collection. I have a little round bead with the wire embedded into it. I will give it some blue something to tie in with the reverse of the bead. Not exactly sure what will happen with it yet ?

These are some grey beads for a necklace. I will add some red stuff here - just a tiny bit. I'm looking for a wide-ish velvet or satin ribbon for the threading material. I like the idea of a big bow at the back of the neck and I think this will be pretty for Christmas 'dressing up'.

As usual, I'm buzzing with new ideas before Ive completed my current stuff. It's such a problem for me. I want to be disciplined so am working on it. I think it's about balance and recording ideas rather than being distracted into moving on. I think our entire family suffers from this 'disability' ! - teachers at school mention the boys suffer from this 'enthusiasm' and regard it as an organisation thing. Richard certainly has it. In some respects, it's a brilliant 'problem' to have but it does hamper work focus and can be ultimately undermining to self esteem. I'm sure it adds to the creation of a stressful life - I aim to avoid a stressful life at all costs ! I guess I could argue that's what being 'creative' is about and that the price one has to pay ! Not sure if any of that makes sense to anyone else but it's been a cathartic exercise and I feel better.

Moving on - this week is the start (on Wed) of my 12 Days of Christmas Prep @ thepapersac. I'm almost organised, I have one day to add or take out any last min. ideas.

Have a good day.
Back tomorrow.