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Friday, 22 November 2013

Gift for self or sale ?

Hi from thepapersac
It's Friday - can't believe another week has happened ! Thankfully the weather is much improved. The sky looks a bit angry but it's dry outside.

I have limited news today re work - my silver arrived yesterday and Ive moved on some clay and paint work with my latest collections. I'm in a position to complete the charity sale stuff and hopefully a new batch of stuff for the shops. One thing I was considering yesterday was putting some supplies in my shops. I have loads of stuff which I don't use anymore and I'm sure it could be useful to someone - I will give this some thought. Not sure it sits very well with the jewellery collections and I don't think I can arrange the sections of the shop to be viewed seperately. Most people tend to have two shops for this sort of thing. I would need two separate email addresses. I can only just cope with one ! Perhaps, ebay is the answer ?

On another matter, I have a new favourite pair of earrings today. This is becoming a bit of a habit for me. Every day, I instinctively choose a pair of earrings to look at (constantly) not sure how this has come about ? - anyway, it's something I'm going with. I place the chosen pair on a little board on my display shelf (to the right of my work table). I tend to glance every now and then, it's an inspiration thing. Its also a time to think about a name and description of the item. I will add this little 'gem' to my blog each day and share. Today, my choice is this pair :

You may remember Ive talked about these before and mentioned I have a silver pair (see below). The blue ones are the same size but because of the embedded silver posts, the back of the earring is slightly raised rather than the flat finish of the silver.

I like the slightly uneven texture of the clay - I worked hard to get this ! The first bake was very smooth. I also like the uneven blue - again it took two layers of acrylic paint to get a slight difference over the very small area of the shape.

Here is an earring in my hand to show just how small they are.

I was going to sell these earrings but I simply can't part with them and have made another pair - similar. Here they are waiting for the next phase of development (along with a few more items)

One think which I experimented with is 'filling in' a little area of the edge of the navy beads. I'd created some tiny carved lines and wondered what would happen if I 'inlaid' (not sure if this is the term ?) with another colour. It works well. It's not easy to get a clean finish - so I need to work on this one. But I like the idea.

Another interesting little bit of news is this little gift I received (from my hubbie). A lovely little package arrived last night when he came home. It was from RE (I talked about visiting this shop last Wed. - go back for details)
I found this lovely pencil wrapped up inside the package :

This is how it writes - love the idea. I now have another idea for more jewellery projects !

I especially like how the colours are completely random and a surprise as the pencil flows over the page.

Have a great weekend. Back next week.