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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

New projects going on ...

Hi from thepapersac
It's a dull day today and very chilly ! I'm also suffering with a bit of a virus and as a result my workload will be limited. However, I'm going to move on with some jewellery later. Before my holiday I posted a photo of a great project from a new book about polymer clay. This project is created by my favourite polymer clay artist : Genervieve Williamson.

I'm hoping to have a go at the project with a view to donating some examples to a charity sale in December. I will definitely make a pair for myself and maybe another for a giveaway on here. Will keep you posted.
Yesterday, I 'played' a little with my painting from last weeks holiday. Here is a quick look.

I may use this version as a background design for some of the earrings (in the project above). I like the grunge colours which will inspire some of the colours I plan to use.
Not much else to report, although I'm currently obsessed with finding new ways to make my own findings. My recent success with earring hooks has made me confident I can make my own.

These little examples are great and so much nicer than manufactured items. Ive worn a similar pair for a few weeks and they feel and look great. I'm going to look for some different wire for my ideas. I like shiny sterling silver but sometimes an oxidised version suites a piece of jewellery better. I also like a brass finish - so I will try and source some new stuff for experiments. I think I'd like to research some old methods of making findings and see if I can find something which works for my jewellery. I will need to give myself a time limit - browsing (researching) often looses an entire day for me !!!
Bye for today.