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Friday, 17 January 2014

Broach Talk

Hi Everyone
Following on from yesterday........ I talked about consolidating various collections of work. I am in the process of cataloguing my current work. This is important (to me) for a range of tasks and will make life so much easier for shop orders. Ive already organised about 60 plus items. Some pieces need more work and others need photos but I'm getting there. I need to spend another day on this job followed by entering the data into a digital log. I actually enjoyed the job yesterday but will be glad when it's finished today. My new system is helping me organise my stock and space in the studio but its also generating more ideas - there's definitely a good argument for leaving part completed work and re looking for further development. I know it sounds like an excuse but I'm convinced it's an artistic technique (for me). There's another whole discussion there !

While re looking at some of my items of work, I was drawn to thinking about the 'broach' as an item of jewellery. I do like broaches as an idea of jewellery and have lots of ideas for designing and making broaches but ........ and there seems to be so many 'buts'.

Most of the negative aspects of 'the broach' seem to be about the attachment facility and the effect it has on clothing. From a design perspectives, there are so many possibilities of the broach. I have a Pinterest board for both broaches and the backs of broaches ! This is my current favourite. I love the simplicity , colour and great pin. The same issues would arise from wearing this lovely broach.

Getting back to my own work. Ive rediscovered these part completed broaches :

The last photo does have some earrings too (not very small broaches). I like all these 'broaches to be' and am keen to try and develop a way of constructing the attachment/pin to wear them. These designs are specifically very thin/flat and need to stay that way if the design is to have integrity.

I don't like the usual bulky mass produced pin - this sits away from a blouse or fine fabric top/bodice and tends to hang down/away from the clothing or damage the clothing. There is a skill to designing the broach interns of weight balance too. These unattractive/unwanted negatives stop me from wearing broaches. Custom made pins tend to use relatively thick wire too and again, are potentially damaging for clothing. Ive thought about using 'magnets' - Ive seen receptionists wearing very flat style name badges on fine silk blouses or T shirts with the magnet attachment. This seems to be a logical way to try. I don't want to just glue a magnet on the back of my broach but perhaps I can construct some element of the broach design to accommodate the magnet. Ive ordered some magnets and will work on this idea.

On that note, I will get back to my cataloguing and await the magnets.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.