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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Plans for today.

Hi Everyone
Today - I'm hoping to be getting back to some kind of routine. Work needs to start and I have tried to clear my space to accommodate ! My new workbench is in place and I'm hoping to sort out my stuff to work out exactly how I will produce my stuff. So far, most of the production has taken place on a large table but I want to be more streamlined so will try a few days just using my bench. My bench has wheels and I'm looking forward to an ever changing view each day. Here is a quick look at the item.

My new jewellery project (starting today) is to explore the 'gold' theme. I made some gold tube beads before Christmas (see below) and I want to make more using different techniques.

I think my first experiments will be with wet clay and metal leaf and embossing powders. I like the tube bead thing and will try different sizes to combine in each piece. My aim for each collection this year. will be to create a central 'bead style' which can be adapted to make a necklace, bracelet, earrings, ring and broach. If I get a particularly successful bead, I will enlarge and develop my collection.

On another tack - I often peruse Pinterest for ideas and inspiration and thought I would share a few favourites each week. This site is a fantastic resource and the range of stuff on there never ceases to amaze me. Often very marginal subjects eg the pin style on the back of a broach ! I have a range of boards (including the broach pin thing). My boards probably could do with reviewing and reorganising but at the moment I keep returning to this image of an Amy Tavern piece.

Amy Tavern is one of my favourite jewellery artists. I love her work and find myself returning to her pieces for inspiration. I especially like this necklace and the chain style along with the colours and shapes of the metal 'bead'. I want to try and make a similar chain for one of my new collection pieces.

On another matter - I'm going to have a big sale in my shops. The Etsy shop has been empty for a while and there is very little in the Folksy shop. Ive decided to divide all my current stock between the two shops and have a big sale. Some extra development work will be needed so I will post here when the sale is up and running.

One last little snippet - I'm going to develop a little family cookbook. Ive been going to do this for ages and it needs to go on the list if it stands a chance of being done. I hope to make the whole thing in a similar style to a few sketching books Ive made ie a large piece of thick paper, folded and sewn together. It will be a bit like a mini scrapbook. The recipes will come from anywhere but each will be a family favourite and we will all contribute to it. I want to include breakfasts, snacks, drinks etc alongside the standard lunch, dinner, pudding recipes. I want to use the book(s) to help me decide on regular meals but also have a place to keep, favourite family special meals. I think I will probably have several books eventually. My starting book will be Everyday Evening Meals. I will keep up my progress here to share.

That's it for today.

Bye for now.