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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thoughts of rejuvenation

Hi Everyone
Today, is going to be a day 'off' for me, it's my husbands birthday and we always celebrate both our birthdays by going out for the day. We are going to the small town of Corbridge this time and plan to go visit a gallery followed by lunch and a trip to RE (a great household/gift shop) - take a look at their web site. They have some great stuff. HERE is a link
I probably will not have time for any work. Perhaps, there will be lots of ideas and inspiration instead ? I always find treats like this hugely beneficial to my work.

I have been working on my current painting (Genervieve). Not too much time spent but Ive made some progress. Ive added several layers of purple in various shades. Ive also embedded Genevieve using a gloss liquid polymer.

I like having drips all over paintings. Not sure why ? I want to add some lines of trees along the white bits. I'm not sure (exactly) what trees to use yet. Ive sketched a few trees and will do some more.

Whatever, tree I use, I would like to make them the all same or maybe not ? I'm considering making a stamp.

The drips are going to represent 'raining thoughts'. I want the trees to link with the idea of growing 'the thoughts'. With this in mind, I can start developing some more features in the painting.

Genervieve is in deep thought and I need her to look a bit more serious. I will try and age her face a little.

That's about it for today. I'm off to have a lovely time and come back rejuvenated.

Thanks for reading