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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Chocolate Beads ?

Hi Everyone
Let's hope today will be more productive than yesterday ! I had a shockingly bad day 'moving on' with the new collection. I haven't even managed to decide on the name. I think it may link with the faux bone stuff and possibly be called 'wood and bone' ? However, there is something about 'chocolate' which keeps coming into to my mind ?

Almost all my work plans collapsed by lunchtime (yesterday) I was absorbed (in my head) with finding a way to link a couple of flat organic shaped beads for a bracelet. My approach was so cautious that I did nothing practical. Having reviewed the impasse (overnight - I need to get out more). Ive finally decided to develop three different experiments and accept that the beads may go in the bin. This is a huge issue for me, for some reason ? - I need to theoretically explore all eventualities before committing to action - just in case I spoil it. I waste so much time ! and more IMPORTANT of all, it's contradicting the 'experimentental' process !!!!! Having realised, admitted and announced all this I'm hopefully back on track.

Here we are with the a photo of the problem beads. I want them to be flat against the wrist in my bracelet but need a simple connection for my design. I like the hole in the centre but also like the idea of an elastic thread. It's clearly not an option if I want the hole to remain. I do have a few experiments to perform (note the almost jump ring) so I will get on with it and see what happens.

I will need to compromise the original design and either move it on or bin it.

The next photo is another example of the bead style with a second smaller bead inside. I hope to use this one for a ring.

I quite like the look of the ring beads together.

The next photos shows a few more beads and another ring design. I like the ring and will move this on with some finishing techniques to make it a solid and smooth piece. The beads do need something else in terms of the finishing and stringing combinations. Not sure on this one, yet !

As I write, a few more creative thoughts are creeping in ! I will report on any progress tomorrow.

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.