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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ive found 'Gold'

Hi Everyone
Ive a little progress to share re the cappuccino project. At last the beads are looking like a bracelet (almost).

My next step is to complete the bracelet - I need more beads. It looks as if the beads go around my wrist - not the case. I'm short of about 6/7cm. My thoughts are to have a series of seed bead size 'cappuccinos' on a magnetic fastener (embedded into some more cappuccino clay). I like the jump rings but am not sure they are practical to wear - it strikes me that the little flat 'nail bit' may catch on things ? I love the individual shapes of the 'rings' which are hammered as well as the smallness of the item. I need to wear the finished item and check it out.
The individual beads have been sanded and polished but left as they were baked. I will reassess the finish when the bracelet is complete. There was thoughts of texturing but I quite like the polished finish. I can't wait to make some earrings using the same bits. I'm taking this as a good sign ie almost excitement and 'inspiration' from my own work !

Other news - I came across a new product (new to me) and am thrilled by it.

I found this stuff while browsing blogs and am amazed ! I tried it out on a newly baked bead - 'earring to be'.

This is a first application followed by some wax seal. The Inka Gold is a paint and described as a 'metal gloss paint'. Its a wax like mousse in the jar and seems to dry immediately. I applied it with a dry cloth to a clean baked surface and polished it to a shine. I will apply another coat to this project but I quite like the effect of seeing the polymer underneath. I think a surface texture could work well with this technique. I wonder about the durability but will wear the earrings when finished to check it out. Maybe there needs to be a final seal ?

The last photo is the back of the bead and gives an idea of the high shine finish. The Inka paint comes in a variety of colours. I'm already planning to acquire more colours.

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.