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Monday, 27 January 2014

Pretty Books

Hi Everyone
Another weekend has 'flown by' - not sure what the highlights are ? I managed to complete a sewing job for my Dad which has been waiting to be done for months. It took lots of hands sewing time and rather dominated my weekend. It's complete and ready for delivery. Not too complicated a job - just a few fixed cushions for 2 stools. The challenges came from using a very thick upholstery fabric and a lack of skill on my part. However, I think it's a neat and tidy job and I hope he's pleased with it, I am !

Talking about 'time', I also decided to spend some of my valuable time on working on my paintings (this year) as a regular habit. I find it very easy to relegate my painting projects to the bottom of the every list. I seem to have very little time to fit everything into my days and if I don't timetable stuff it doesn't happen. My painting attention was going to go on Mary Haversham Look here for details.On Friday, I changed my mind and have chosen another partly completed painting.

This one did have a name ........ but Ive changed it. My son saw it and immediately came up with the name Genervieve (in honour of Genervieve Williamson's birthday - last Friday). I'm sticking with it. I'm not sure how it will go but I will aim to keep Genervieve displayed on a mini easel (within my daily view). I'm already thinking of the characteristics of 'Genervieve, the person', I can look and develop ideas over the day - if/when I get an idea I can immediately respond to it (either do it or make a note). That's the plan.

This week, I'm concentrating on my Etsy shop and giving it a makeover. I'm also going to organise my stock into Collections. I mentioned last week, I'd completed a whole stock take exercise. I have an electronic record but I also like to have a little book. Not sure why ? I think I just like little books. It's an excuse to have another pretty item. Keeping little records is part of my discipline systems and the process makes me think I'm 'in control' !!!! Not sure what that says ! Here is a look at the little book.

I know what you must be thinking ...... there are 3 books not 1 ! ......... but they are very pretty ! Can't quite decide which one to use. Will get back to you on that one.

Bye for today.

Thanks for reading.