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Monday, 13 January 2014

Hair Jewels News

Hi Everyone
Where did the weekend go ? We had a semi relaxed element for about two hours in the day on Saturday but from Friday 4pm until Sunday 10pm - all go, travelling to pick up kids (a very long journey x 4) and clearing up from camping etc. Lots of mud and washing. Thank goodness that's done !!!

As I look out of the window there is a beautiful red tinged sky - the whole light quality looks great. Quite uplifting and potentially inspiring, however, I need to go to the dentist !! Such is life.

This week, I'm moving on with the 'cappuccino' project. I'm a little unsure about the finish of the beads and have been pondering how to change their appearance. I had thought I wanted to fine polish them to a high gloss look but I'm now thinking about adding some wax cream polish with a metal sheen and texturing the edges ? I will experiment.

I did produce more jump rings from my from 'scratch design' metal pin. I'm keeping the beads and jump rings in this style of wooden box which I'm going to have as a safe place to store the bits and eventually the finished bracelet. This particular box is a little too large, so will have another made specific to the bracelet. I like the overall 'feel' of these boxes, I think they give the jewellery a certain added value and are really nice to use.

Here is a look at one of the jump rings, Ive made another 8 - they have a slight hammered look which I like. They look good with the beads, although as previously mentioned I want to change the beads a little.

Another big idea of mine is making (as part of my jewellery collection) hair jewellery. Ive seen several examples recently, hair slides,combs etc and many elaborate hair decorations for bridal collections. I'm going to get a Pinterest board going just for the purpose later today. I like the whole idea of 'hair jewels'. I have long hair and often look for individual hair items to dress up a simple style but I think short or medium length hair also look great with a little adornment. My personal issue is often hair accessories just fall out. My hair is quite fine, I have lots of it but I tend to loose slides or combs very easily because of my hair texture. Ive decided to experiment and see what I can come up with.

That's it for today.

Thanks for reading.