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Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone
and Happy New Year 2014. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Ive had a lovely two weeks. I can't quite remember the sequence of events but Ive got lots of little snippets of lovely memories over the holidays.

Today, is the first day back to school and work - the day is always a bit of a problem for me. I tend to wander around feeling a bit disorientated. Ive got my lists ready and my new year plans in place - so no reason for any confusion or delay ! However, I'm not going to fight it and will just go with the slightly lost day and muddle on ....

Each year, I generally have a brand new approach to LIFE - lists full of huge aims and intentions. I'm always sincere about the changes etc but often flounder because I'm not being realistic or perhaps, it's that I don't really know what I want to do. This year, I'm hoping to ease myself into a state of 'order' which will allow me to achieve whatever I want ! Seems like a plan - simple but definable. The ORDER thing is to do with every aspect of my life starting with the obvious ie my living space. Our house is currently in a state of 'chaos'. Part of my day today will be to start chucking out rubbish. I'm going into every single cupboard and drawer. The whole process with be cathartic (I hope) and Im hoping to be there in weeks rather than too many months. This will need to be a daily blitz.

Work wise - I have great ideas and expectations from my jewellery making but I need to paint more. I need to find 'the balance'. Generally, I want to find this balance thing in everything. It's a big thing and I will need to work at it.

Before I move on from Christmas entirely, I need to share this bit of news - I found a few new bits for my Dremel tool in my Christmas presents as well as a dedicated Dremel work table (it's a butchers block on wheels) - I love it. Ive played a little so far but it's going to be my daily work table (for creating) and I will be able to move it around and sit where is best for me to work. So exciting ! It's going to change my life.

Over the break, Ive been working on ideas (in my head and in my sketchbook) for developing my jewellery designs and am quite keen to further explore an idea I had before Christmas for a two piece jewellery set using faux gold beads.
Check out the initial idea here.
I did manage to finish my little collection and I wore it on Christmas Day and a few times over the holidays. Here is a couple of photos.

These pieces turned out very well and I'm going to try and build upon the lessons I learned from the project. The necklace and bracelet felt great to wear and I want to try out some new techniques and materials to produce variations on this theme and really stretch my skills.

I mentioned earlier wanting to keep my painting 'alive'. Ive got lots of unfinished projects and Ive decided to complete the Mary Haversham original. It's quite a big painting with lots of detail but I want to spend time developing it on a regular basis. I'm not sure how that translates exactly but I'm working on the balance (in terms of time). Here she is so far - other than the flower thing has gone and she now has a broach.

I think there is a couple of months work here. I want to embed all the mixed media stuff and I have some more ideas for additional drawings in the background.

Well, that's about it for today.

Bye for now.