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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Can QUALITY be defined ?

Hi Everyone
It's another half day of rest for me - am feeling much better today so my 'taking it easy' must be working.

I did some more admin type work yesterday. I'm re doing my Business Plan (BP). In the past this has been a very dry read. The traditional financial thing. However, I'm not quite sure why it needs to be so. I'm planning to use my BP as a central 'working document' which will guide my business development as well as explain what I'm about and how I will achieve this year. All the vital business information will be there but I'm going to make a pretty book which I want to build and use. I will design it to allow changes and add new ideas or initiatives.
I'm also re doing my shop banners and am going to think about photos more. This whole revamp has come about because of an online course I'm currently doing called Do What You Love - you can find the detail Here The programme does what it says and has given me a whole new approach to my work. I want to enjoy what I'm doing.
On a practical front, I want to develop a few bits of jewellery today. I have several new pots of metal paint to play with. Here they are (a bit grainy in the dark morning light). The colours are called copper, platinum, graphite.

My plan is to give a different look to the edges of my bow earrings with the metal paint. I need to sand down the edges first. My other job will be adding a shiney finish to another few items including a broach. I want to add some clay to hold the magnet in place (on the broach) and bake before adding the paint.
Here are the pieces as they are right now. The first photo shows a pair of bow beads destined for earrings and are just shaped white polymer at the moment. The next picture shows two earring/broach pieces. They are similar in shape and form but I'm aiming to develop a different finish.

One thing I would also like to work on is a range of questions I can ask myself about each piece I produce. I want to be objective about this QUALITY idea and produce 'quality' items. This is a hard one ! ie determining what quality looks like. I think it's easier to know when something does not have 'quality'. But quantifying quality is another thing. I have produced an initial set of questions and will apply these questions to the finished items above. I will share my thoughts tomorrow.

Bye for today.

Thanks for reading.