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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New Earring Plans.

Hi Everyone
It's Wednesday and I feel like I'm having a Monday ! - another 'where has the week gone ?' moment. My day yesterday 'evaporated'. I had a few things to do outside work and then the online shop development took over. I spent ages redoing bits of my shop appearance pages. I spent some time adding an 'about' page on Etsy. Ive sort of done it but need the space of a few days for editing. I also need some decent photos of my workshop/practices. I have some in the draft pages but I'm not happy with them. It's always good to leave things and go back. I find I have fresh eyes to be objective (I hope).

I also tried to sort the Big Cartel shop ie THE E SHOP. I want the E to turn into a bit of the word 'jewel' as a vertical word. I need to make a banner for this. Ive 'prepped' something that I will aim to develop. I want it to be very simple and to work as small thumbnail too.

I hadn't realised the processes I needed to go through, at the time. It's obvious now but I did spend ages messing about. Still I'm there now. The shops are still in very early stages and I now need to get my stock right. I feel I know what I'm doing - so I make that a positive move. Although frustratingly hard going and time consuming. When I'm happy with things I will provide a launch day with all the links.

Ive had yet another great idea for some small post earrings. I will make a range of similar design but with individual colours and surface designs. Some will be textured and some using colour. My idea is to embed silver into the design and experiment with the metal paint/wax. My colours will be a selection of brights (red, orange, green, blue); pastels (green, pink, yellow) as well as some whites and browns. I like the idea of little hearts but also organic rounds or flat stones. I want to present these little earrings in little wooden boxes. I'm working on a name. If I get them right, I will develop more beads to build other pieces like bracelets and rings.
I'm not sure where this idea has come from ? Ive been trying to find some examples to illustrate my thinking and develop my ideas, there are none out there that I can find ! Great ! It's down to me to provide. However, I thought I would share what I did find. I like all these samples - you can find the details on my Pinterest boards.
Love these green ones. These designs, in particular, are closer to my ideas.

All are available on Etsy if you want to buy them. You could wait for mine !!

That's it for today.

Thanks for reading.