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Monday, 20 January 2014

Shop Talk

Hi Everyone
Ive had another busy weekend - 'full on' activity. Yesterday, we had a great walk along the coast with our walking group - rained throughout ! Some of the walk was on the beach and the sea was amazing - quite rough and crashing waves. Very dramatic. It took me most of the evening to dry out and warm up ! I can't remember much about Sat !

This week I'm still cataloguing and will need to allocate a bit of each day to this job. I also need to organise some photo shoot sessions to link with the catalogue. I'm going to update my Etsy shop completely - new banner and pages etc. So, this week it's a priority to get that organised. Each item in my collections need some work. Some items need very little and I will take those first. I also want to include some new packaging ideas and will launch those as I fill my shop.

I want to develop some creative ideas alongside my current work and will plan to start working on some sketches for the idea I introduced last week. Check out the link here. Its quite an 'edgy' bracelet but I like the idea of linking the elements with a new technique (yet to be decided). Here is a photo of the inspiration item :

The original bracelet is made from metal and I'm using clay. I may use metal links ? Not sure yet. I want to make more bead pieces to produce other jewellery items too.
I'm hoping to work on ideas in time for a forthcoming metal working course - a week on Friday. I'm so excited about the course. I can't wait. Anyway, I will be thinking about the new project and hoping my course can help me with the metal link plan. I need some detailed sketches to take with me. I won't make the piece on the course but am hoping to learn techniques which will be helpful. I also hope to get some free advice from the teacher.

Bye for today.

Thanks for reading.