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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jewellery Engineering

Hi Everyone
Very little to report today ! I'm suffering with a virus at the moment and my work rate has taken a big dip. I need to rest again this morning but hopefully will resume work after lunch. One of the things Ive promised myself this year is to have a work/life balance and this includes listening to my body.

I mentioned my ongoing cataloguing job yesterday and am still with it. I plan to do about 15 mins each day and will keep this going as a daily admin. task. When the cataloguing is complete for my current work more will come along and there is always work to do in reviewing descriptions/photos etc. I'm hoping this organised approach will help me save time for creative things in the long run. My shop stock is now in 'the box'.

I have some new packaging ideas for my jewellery - some decorated little paper boxes and some little wooden boxes. Will share them in a few days. For now, this is where the stock will live. It's the first time ever, all items have a label and stock number. It feels good !

The magnets for my broach ideas check here. have arrived and I need to figure out how I will use them. I could just glue them onto the back but this is not how I see them working. Somehow, I need to find a way of using them as part of the design. I'm very keen to have the back looking as good as the front (almost). Ive been thinking about this for a few days. My best approach, I think, is to play with some ideas. I like the idea of 'engineering' jewellery. On the whole, I favour, clean lines and balanced structures. I want to push these principles to the limit but the 'form' needs to be there as well as the 'design' - each (for me) is important. I'm beginning to think about these things as part of my initial sketching of ideas and Im feeling more confident about my designing process. I know (from experience) there is a place for 'playing' and I don't want to loose this either. The broach back needs to be 'played with' - all my ideas to engineer are a bit functional !

Bye for today.
Thanks for reading.