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Friday, 24 January 2014

Green is coming !

Hi Everyone
It's the end of the week again ! I realise I say this most weeks !!! In my defence, time just flys by and when it gets to the end of the week - the fact leaps into my mind and I'm unable to resist writing it.

Anyway, I'm eventually getting rid of my minor illness, although, I still feel drained of energy. I ticked off a few things on my list yesterday and feel almost in control of work.

Today, I plan to get some stock in my etsy shop. It's been empty for a while and although Im working flat out on custom orders I do like to have things in the shops. Ive finished my current cataloguing so am for the first time able to find things easily and keep an accurate record of work. It's a great feeling - not very exciting for anyone else ! This job has been waiting to get done properly for around a year !

I did something VERY exiting yesterday - I developed a new colour item - green. Ive done green things in the past but not for a while. Ive chosen this particular green because I wanted a pair of bow earrings (for myself) in this green and thought I would try out the colour. I like it, so I'm preparing a little range (for production) within the metal stones collection.

The third photo shows a pair of navy bows too. I'm going to change the ear wire design for the green version. Ive drilled holes in the centre and will pass the wires through. The blue version has the wire embedded. These navy ones are not finished but you get the idea.

Other news - I talked about wanting to create some quality measures (earlier this week)for using with new jewellery pieces. I want to decide, objectively, if each item is good enough for sale. I wrote some simple statements, as a starting point for developing the quality measures.

I'm not sure if these particular statements will completely cover the job but Ive gone with them for now.
Here are the results of a particular item.

As you can see, this item needs a bit more work. I want to work through the exercise for a large batch and refine the detail. It's a good start for me and worthwhile taking the effort to develop this process as part of my work. I believe it will ultimately improve my skills and the quality of my creations. When I convinced of the questions, I will make a pretty little form for the job. I like the idea of pretty forms which are a pleasure to use !

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.