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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Even more hair jewellery talk.

Hi Everyone
I'm sad to report no development on the cappuccino project. I was so wrapped up in house/ living tasks AND my dental appointment ( no problems there) that the day just disappeared.

Today, is another day ! I'm hoping to try and experiment with my beads at least.

I did manage to start the hair jewellery Pinterest board. A few weeks ago I was especially taken with a jewellery artist called Sarah Loertscher and failed to keep a link of her work. I wasted ages looking for her. However, all is well and I found the link. Sarah does some amazing work - it was these hair jewels that set me thinking about the possibilities of designing some hair jewellery.

Lovely ideas - not sure what I can come up with ? I think I need to be a little more 'everyday' style. My Pinterest board is started and I'm aiming at something simpler (for now). Take a look Here

In hope of great work today, Ive set up my cappuccino beads for my attention. This is the range Ive got to play with.

Will be back tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.