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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Even more metal talk

Hi Everyone
I'm at the point where I realise just how much I don't know about working with metal and a bit 'down'. I felt more confident a few days ago, now I'm coming across things I thought I could do (not brilliantly but I could do them). I assumed if I worked hard with a bit of practice, all would be well ! Im having a bit of a wobble. I need to keep my nerve. I'm learning and it's good but quite frustrating too.
I managed to break a blade on my saw today. I know why it happened so I guess, that's a plus !
I mentioned yesterday, I was going to try and make something from a very small piece of scrap. Well, I did cut up the bits (this is where the saw blade snapped) and have two bits of brass which could look like a small earring.
This is the scrap - front and back.

This is what has happened. I cut the 'posted' piece first and then the second earring (still awaiting a post).

The photo with the coin shows how small the pieces are and the scrap that's left. I was going to add some small pieces on top of the square-ish bit but I was reminded that soldering would be almost impossible without grading the soldering and probably a waste of time ! So - I will reconsider and perhaps stick with trying something else on the surface design front.

The experiment started well (other than the saw blade break). But ...... as previously mentioned I am feeling vulnerable.

Other news - I did complete a little work on stock - I have a list and need to keep working at it, so that's my work focus for the rest of the week. I'm good with clay - so I know I can achieve whatever. I will have to wait for more metal play.
But ... I'm not 'at one' with myself - everywhere I look in the studio, there is a 'mess'? My solution - spent most of my evening (last night) reorganising my workbench to accommodate all my new stuff. It's not there yet and still feels disorganised and cluttered. I will try and get that organised today - I am unable to work without 'order'. I think, this is part of my 'wobble'.

On a brighter note (I like to find a positive from everything !) While sorting, I came across a lovely image of a potential bead. You can find the image details on my Pinterest board - Beads.

I love the link between the shape and the surface texture. I've started a 'thinking job' to find a way to make one !

Bye for now.
Thanks for reading.