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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

New metal designs

Hi Everyone
A bit of a lazy start to my day today. Ive tried hard to get organised but without much success !I'm distracted by the Winter Olympics ! Their are some fantastic 'not to be missed' events going on throughout the day so, I will be dipping in and out.

Ive have spent a little time experimenting with some copper and silver and eventually managed to 'ball' a little piece of silver. I need to finish a piece to be completely satisfied with progress ... but I'm pleased with my confidence levels while working with metal.
Here are a few samples of the work for today. Ive cut some copper and added a few silver pieces and will add a stud to the design.

I cut a few lengths of copper and tried out two shapes for the design. I like the cross over version and will keep it simple with a single ear post.

This is how I started with the round wire. I'm not sure how thick this is ? But it's quite chunky. I shaped the wire and hammered the shapes. I like the way the metal shapes are slightly organic. I'm keen to develop a necklace and perhaps a broach with this design.

This is the second stage after hammering. The right hand shape is hammered and shows how much the shape has stretched.

I hope to finish a pair of earrings or even two.
Here's a quick look at my 'balled' silver. Not sure why ? but I'm so pleased with myself for making this.

Not sure what else I'm going to achieve today. My day is rapidly disappearing. Although, I need to sort some pickling out to clean up my metal finish.

Thanks for reading.
Bye for today.