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Thursday, 27 February 2014

New clay beads

Hi Everyone
Yesterday, was a much improved day !. I produced a new batch of clay beads and am on track for a day of 'finishing'. I think, I like the texture which is going on in each bead - some more than others. I'm hoping to highlight the texture and make it a key feature of the bead.
This photo is the batch prior to curing. I'm experimenting with surface design and will find a core number to specialise patterns.

Ive got a plan for this batch and will stick with it and then review.

The next photo shows the first stage after curing the clay. A thin layer of acrylic paint has been added and rubbed off immediately and then buffed by hand. See the before and after bead below. The left hand bead is formed from a slightly sparkly clay and it shows through the paint. I need to add some polish and turn it into a soft sheen. The thin scratch lines are what I'm after. It's a delicate pattern but I like it.

I want to add a silver post and embed it into the back - will do this when Ive finished all the polishing from the batch.

My favourites (as they are now) are these two pairs below. I'm sure they will change when I apply the finish - so, I may change my mind. I will add a green paint to the pale colour and a light colour to the green.

I'm also hoping to find a little time for Genervieve (the painting) later in the day. I'd like to develop the little houses in the painting. I'd had an idea to incorporate some metal into the piece - not sure what but I like the idea. Let's see what happens. Here is a sample of the houses at the moment.

Thanks for reading.