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Friday, 28 February 2014

Bead talk and other things.

Hi Everyone
I'm still working hard with bead finishing. I had a few other commitments yesterday and found myself very little time for work. So, today my main focus will be on the beads which I will turn into earrings. I need to spend some time developing a packaging card for my earrings - I want to keep it simple and (at the moment) I'd like a brown board look. I also have a vague idea of creating a simple painting to get the colours of the beads incorporated - something like this but with more colours :

Somehow, I'd like to merge a simple background with some bead colours into my packaging. This background needs to be cardboard brown and the letters need to be the colours. I will try out making the dots different colours to pick out the beads. I'd like each one to be a bit different so will hand finish. Will share when I get there.

The beads that have some attention are here :

Still more work needed but I quite like the beads. Ive also just noticed that I don't have a blue bead in there. Need to do something about that !

I also mentioned I wanted to add a little something to the houses in Genervieve (my current painting). After much 'looking' (at quiet moments) throughout the day, I decided to add some simple white windows to link all the houses together.

The windows represent different sides of each house each allowing a bigger or smaller view on the world of Genervieve. There is a story to Genervieve !

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for reading.