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Monday, 17 February 2014

Wire Experiments

Hi Everyone
It's a bit late in the day to be announcing that it's half term holidays ! I forgot to mention this last Friday. Usually, life is rather hectic during holidays and I take time off. This week, I'm part time. I've not done any work today, we have been shopping/lunching out !!!

I'm going to paint a little and play a little with metal over the week. My plans also include making some wire based items similar to this design :

However, this evening, I'm going to fiddle with some metal to make some earrings. I shared a project last week about created a clay version of a design I liked. Here it is for reference :

I'm going to try out a copper version. I'm also going to turn the clay version into a silver colour with some silver leaf finishing. Not sure how this will work but the gold clay experiment was not brilliant, I'm hopeful plan B will be better for this design.

Hope to show any progress tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.