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Friday, 21 February 2014

Third metal design here

Hi Everyone
Yesterday (as predicted) did not produce much to report. We had a great day with friends - we visited a local country house, had lunch and talked all day - lovely !

I wanted an idea for my third metal earring design from yesterday and have found one. See my other two designs earlier this week. My new idea is very simple and I need the new solder to finish it. Here is my initial sketch. The piece will have 4 short lengths of copper to form a sort of 'fence' with a silver 'balled' and flattened ear wire - soldered onto the back.

I will prepare the new metal design today and clean up all the bits that have failed. I can then complete the pieces in one session. I also have a batch of clay stuff to work on, so plenty to do today.

Ive also had lots of new ideas for developing designs and will start preparing a bead for a new necklace. I want to choose a chain and use the shape of the links to draw a pattern onto a flattish piece of light coloured clay. The design is inspired by this print by Francesca Lancisi.

I especially like the stone on the top left line. I want to produce a similar pattern using the chain links shape and size to produce the pattern. I'm limited by the chains I have (at the moment) making a chain is a big job and that will come later when I improve my skills. I will probably have something to share early next week.

Well, yet another week gone. Have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading. Bye for now.