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Monday, 10 February 2014

Packaging Chat

Hi Everyone
Here we are another another week starting. It's a lovely day outside, Ive just been for a run with my beast friend. I feel temporarily great ! - I will tire soon and then be glad Ive been out, later. The weekend has gone with a bang ! We did lots of chucking out and reorganising. Loads more to go but we have started. The house is probably more disorganised than last week but it feels better. 'One day at a time' - needs to be my mantra !

Back to to work matters ...... loads of catching up to do and more stock to get ready. All my shops need stock and I'm thinking new repeat stuff too. All my things are originals because they are handmade but I am going to develop a core design range which can be adapted to lots of colours and textures. That's my focus for today.

I'm also thinking about packaging. I like my stuff to look good and think special packaging enhances how they look. I like a few ideas Ive had which combine little paper and wooden boxes lined with fabric. Ive seen examples of this style done really well in shops and am working on a similar approach. The little boxes add value to the jewellery items and can be used as a jewellery box. Ive also been working on a little paper sack/bag which fits with my brand name : thepapersac. Ive always made versions of this but have bought a Sizzix die which should help me with a new version.
This is a constructed version using some wrapping paper.

The bag is a good shape. I think it needs an inner piece to provide strength to the base of the bag, so will try this out. I like the wavy top feature.

This is the flat cut as it comes out of the die.

The finished bag measures 9 x 7.5 cms (when the top is turned over). It's small but fine for small items of jewellery. I will play around with some other embellishments to dress it up and a few paper samples. I like the idea of adding a string tie or some handles ?

If I manage all that - Genervieve may get some time today. Will share any development tomorrow.

Bye for today
Thanks for reading.