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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Solder Issues

Hi Everyone
I'm not sure if I moved on or not ? I had such another frustrating day yesterday. The solder issue keeps causing me problems. Ive come to the conclusion that the solder paste is faulty. I know it's easy to blame your tools but Ive explored every possible reason (on my part) and come to the final conclusion - it's not me. Ive ordered another batch of solder and hopefully I can move on with my designs.
From yesterday's failure, Ive come up with a new design and better. My original design involved soldering the ear wire onto the main earring structure. When the solder did not work I came up,with another solution and I think it's a big improvement.
The first photo is the new design, showing the ear wire looped around the earring shape.

The next photo shows the original design and would have the long wire bent over to form the hook.

I quite like both design but the first design allows the earring to move which looks good.

My next new design is this one.

The ear wires this time will fix to the bar and will not move. I like these too but the first design is my favourite. The soldering is not secure - I will need to clean up the metal and redo when the new stuff arrives.
I'm not sure what will happen today re work, we are having a day out with friends - so not much time for anything. I will try some stuff out later this evening and need a third shape for my earring - I'm hoping I can find some inspiration while I'm out and about

Thanks for reading.
Bye for now.