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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Is this success ?

Hi Everyone
I'm hoping for a slightly more successful day today. I spent all my spare time, yesterday, trying to solder my little bits of metal onto the much planned earring shapes. I had limited success and ended the day feeling very frustrated and a little confused as to why I repeatably failed. I'm aware that trying to solder different size wire and different metals is not straightforward but ....... ? I feel unable to explain 'the problem(s)' KEY to finding a solution !
Ive decided to go back to basics and when all else fails - buy a book about it.

However, back to the here and now, this is what I ended up with :

It looks OK but I need to check the strength of the wire attachment. I ended up making a wire with a flattened, balled end. I thought this would give me a good area for soldering. The next photo shows the 'bead' part after many, many attempts at fixing the extra bar. I'd abandoned the silver thinner bars by this stage. This bar is another copper piece.

I'm not sure which side I like ? - the attach side or the other. I will keep looking at it. I'm favouring the 'other' at the moment.

If the piece is strong - I will be thrilled. I will do some cleaning up but I do like some of the fire patina and will be careful I don't loose it all.

All I need to do now, is make another to match !

Thanks for reading.