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Monday, 24 February 2014

Keep trying ......

Hi Everyone
Another new week is looming - full of plans ! I'm hugely relieved to know the problems with last weeks soldering were all to do with the solder paste and not me. A new batch of paste arrived and I had some success immediately. I was impatient to try out the new stuff and just soldered two bits of wire - it worked as planned, so .......... all things are now possible !

Here is my initial test solder. Ive made it into an earring shape. The item needs cleaning but Ive left is here to show where the join is soldered on the front. I like the idea of using solder in the design.

As usual with earrings, making a second earring is a challenge ! I know it's just a test but I quite like the end product and will try a second one.

I must get my current clay batch completed this week. I need some concentrated production. Sounds like a good plan - no other distractions needed.

We had an exciting day last Saturday, we (all four of our little family) went to a watercolour painting course. We planned this before Christmas and the class was a Christmas present. I'm not quite comfortable with watercolour painting so I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The boys were also a little apprehensive (prior to the day). However, the whole experience was brilliant. Our teacher had a very relaxed style and the other folk in the class made the day a very positive experience. Our painting subject was puffins on rocks. We plan to display our finished paintings together. Not sure how this will be done but I'm working on some frame plans. Here is a quick peak at the 4 paintings as they are now.

They are all brilliant (apart from mine, bottom right - I should have done better and will add some more detail) but the best thing was doing the class together, as a family. I was very proud of how the boys managed themselves throughout the day. I think they enjoyed the experience and each produced a great piece of work. I think they will look great displayed in a line ? Will work on some options.

Must get going.
Thanks for reading.