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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Metal Clay

Hi Everyone
Yesterday was not a productive day ! I was involved in volunteer work most of the day so it was never going to be busy with work. I did think I may achieve something - not the case ! Anyway, I'm 'on to it' today.
My plans include my much talked about 'metal clay'. I see this as a few experiments developing some form of metal coloured clays which I want to mimic metals.
I'd like to try and make some clay to repeat the jewellery I created before Christmas. Here is the piece I'm referring to. The gold beads in these items are gilded.

My ideas will probably develop as I go but the plan is to make some small beads for earrings and perhaps a bracelet. I'm keeping the plan minimal - if I can manage that today, I will be very pleased.
Ive been spending some time looking for inspiration on Pinterest. I tend to go to this site first these days. There are some amazing designs I'd love to try. This is my favourite (for today)

When I get my metal clay sorted I'm going to have a go at this sort of thing. It's also a design I can create with my true metal skills and it will help me to develop those skills. Without further ado, I must get on.

Thanks for reading.