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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Make Art Monday !

Hi Everyone
This morning, we have a lovely, calm and peaceful start to the day here. Looking out of the window - it could be mid summer ! until you go outside and it's freezing. Still, I can dream ..... in a few months it will be warm again.

I forgot to mention a new initiative in my life from yesterday - it's this : Make Art Monday. The idea is literally that - each Sunday I receive a prompt which gives me a little time to be inspired and then on Monday I produce a piece of Art. This week the inspiration is PEACE and has prompted a very simple, quick and stress free idea for making something metal to be a part of a painting. I know it sounds like a big idea but amazingly, I found the whole thing very 'peaceful' to create. I didn't have a plan as such. I just wanted to try something.

My aim for this initiative is to keep me producing ART as a regular routine activity. I have my current larger painting (Genervieve) as an ongoing thing but I thought this idea would allow some experimenting on a small scale. Read about the idea and join in. My first attempt is linked to making some metal jewellery as part of my response. I took a very small part of my day - probably about an hour (at about 9pm - split into several mini sessions while I did necessary chores) in total to make my earrings and make them part of a little piece of art. I wanted to somehow blend the earrings into the piece. I have a little more to add this morning but I quite like what Ive done so far. I didn't think much about it. I simply dipped into a little tray of materials and used whatever I saw. I will add another something - not sure what ? Perhaps some colour ? Here are few photos of the earrings and the mini piece of not quite finished art.
The earrings are very simple and just a little experiment. I like how they have turned out.

The whole thing started out from the piece of copper wire - I cut it in half and added a piece of hammered/balled sterling silver wire to form the earring bead and then bent the wire to form the hook. I polished a bit and will probably polish some more.

I couldn't decide which side should be the outside but I like the ball on the outside. The other way around would be a more sophisticated finish.

Here is my little painting, I will keep the perforated edge - this adds to my ideas for this piece. I aim to keep my Make Art Monday pieces in one book - will purchase it today. I will date each piece and write a little about each one. The PEACE word has prompted this simple response. My current vision of PEACE must be this image !

There will be more to describe my response. I will analyse later, for now, I'm happy that this came out.

I want the piece to be minimal - to allow the earrings to be prominent. I think, I will transfer the image to make a little card for future earring packaging. The actual earrings will not be a permanent feature - I want to wear them. I will get an image and do something to integrate the image into the painting. Will share when I finish it.

Thanks for reading, bye for today.