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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I need ZEN (in my life)

Hi Everyone
It's mid week already - not sure where the week has gone ? I had a very challenging day yesterday - one of those days where everything did not go to plan ! All the very small mundanes things (spilling washing liquid everywhere but in the machine !) seemed such a problem to me. I should have gone back to bed mid morning and waited for today.
I have high hopes for today.

Almost in a response to the trials of yesterday Ive joined another self help initiative Take a look here. The idea is called ZEN AND THE ART OF DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. There are resources to help guide you to taking a balanced approach to things. I'm totally into it.

Amongst all the angst of yesterday, I managed to come up with a few new earrings or rather half a pair of two. Ive been experimenting with silver and have made myself a couple of lovely small items. They need cleaning but here they are at the moment :

I will clean and polish and shape the ear wires later.

I also had another eureka moment - late last night. Ive been spending ages (for a few weeks) messing around with some clay bead batches - originally destined for a collection of approximately 30 pieces of jewellery. I'd semi prepared earrings, bracelets, broaches and a couple of necklaces. Having spent lots of hours trying to make the items fit my quality standards, I finally admitted they were all sub standard and have thrown them (all) in the bin. I feel the 'binning' to be cathartic and I'm free ! I have a new plan to produce a new collection which will start today. I know that Ive learned loads from the process so that's a positive. My new collection is clear (in my head) and will be well designed and created with quality in mind.

Just wanted to share an update from yesterday, here is a peak at the progress of my Make Art Monday item for this week - it's prompted by the word PEACE (from the project).

A couple of pairs of my earrings are starring in this drawing. I have actually drawn them in (I want to wear the earrings). I will add some more words to the piece later today to explain my take on PEACE and ....... it's already stuck into my new book/album.

That's it for today.
Thanks for reading.