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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sample-along Update

Hi Everyone
I'm providing an update of the spinning 'sample-along' from last week (read back here for details). I've chosen my little sample fibres and am making up a record sheet of my spin. This involves recording little samples of the job as the developed final yarn appears as well as a knitted sample of a range of specific stitches including cable, stocking stitch, rib, lace, moss stitch, garter. The sample card will include all the information I need to replicate the spin in the future. With the help of the Ravelry group linked to this little project I've got a pattern idea for a knitted sample. Check out the group if you are interested here.
So far, I've finished the spin section and washed the yarn. It's been drying overnight and I'm ready to knit the sample. 


I used a 'short forward' drafting technique (not my favourite !) and it was quite a struggle to keep disciplined throughout the spin. I tend to spin with a 'long draw' and feel very relaxed with this technique - using the short forward drafting made me very aware of the need to prepare my fibres more. Im keen to see how the drafting technique will effect my knitting sample. 
I'll keep you informed of progress - my next update will be the completed knitted sample.

Thanks for calling in today.