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Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday Blog Link

Hi Everyone
My blog recommendation today is :


This site is the home of someone called Sarah Strachan, she describes herself as an artist, designer, puppet-maker, crafter and a performer. Read about her impressive work on the site. The site itself looks lovely because of the brilliant photos of her work. It's split into sections which show different aspects of her work. She has an Etsy Shop and a blog too. The blog gives a great insight into how she lives her creative life.
 I especially like her Art dolls work but all her projects look great.  Take a look at her site and you will see an amazing range of beautiful dolls, all her dolls are made with very detailed clothes and props which make the dolls so interesting. She shares lots of little dogs too, make from wool. Her work is responsible for lots of my own inspired dog and doll makes.

Here is a flavour of her work from a Pinterest search :


I love the attention to detail she brings to all her work. I wouldn't consider myself to be a 'doll' person but there's something about Sarah's dolls that draw me in. I think my favourite doll is a Victorian style doll in a iron bedstead with a small quilt - it's a lovely item. Take a look at her site and be prepared to spend ages just looking.

Thanking for reading.
Have a great weekend.