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Monday, 2 June 2014

Need another coffee ?

Hi Everyone
It's been a whole week holiday and now it's over ..... can't quite get going - this is my usual problem after every holiday, so no surprise there. I'm hoping to ease myself into 'real' life again ie life as I know it ! We've had a lovely week, built a new deck (the third) just outside our dining area and it's fantastic. We've been talking about doing this job for several years but eventually it happened last Wed/Thurs - we also have new garden furniture, after putting up with the last stuff for 25 years - what a difference - it's changed my life ! Fortunately, the weather has been half good so we've been spending lots of time outside and actually eating most meals on our new deck. I'm hoping to move out here most days. This morning it's a bit damp (overnight rain) but warm and so lovely. Birds are singing and there's a light breeze. Breakfast tastes so much better outside.

Back to 'sort' of work - I'm hoping to finalise all the Gray collection items and get them ready for a photo shoot. I think they will be off to several publications later this month - will keep you posted. My Make Art Monday for last week was a bit of a struggle. I really enjoy doing this project and each week I look forward to seeing my offer in the Gallery. I'm quite disappointed if it's not made it online. However, holidays make my routines disappear and things for me tend to 'not happen'. Anyway here it is :

I had an idea but it didn't really happen as I'd like. The whole colour thing is a bit drab unfortunately. I will try again this week and improve my offer. This weeks word is PURE. I have some ideas around using white and shades of. I hope to make a start this morning. I know it's called Make Art Monday but I usually don't finish until at least Friday. Maybe this week will be different ?

As it's summer, I'm looking for different ways of tying up my hair. I have quite long hair and in warm weather I need it up from my neck. Co incidentally, this morning I was attracted to a blog photo which took my eye. Here it is :

I subscribe to this Bloglovin newsletter and often find interesting features. Anyway, the article is OK but as far as I can see its one or two 'buns' beautifully photographed from various angles. It's prompted me to start a Pinterest board about getting hair up in some way. That's my next job. To facilitate, I need another coffee to get my day going.

Thanks for reading.